Nutrition Consultation

Your nutrition consultation will be a single session lasting about 90 minutes, which will consist of:

  • a comprehensive lifestyle and diet analysis
  • helping you to optimise your nutrition in order to achieve your health and fitness goals
  • learning how to shop for healthy foods, no matter what your budget!
  • identifying barriers (such as work, eating out) and learning how to deal with them healthfully

Full Nutrition Overhaul

For those who need a bit more help, I also offer a full nutrition overhaul service. This will take place over three separate sessions, in and around your home, and includes:

  • a nutrition consultation as described above
  • an in-home analysis of your cooking/eating environment
  • a trip to the grocery store to learn the best way to shop in order to meet your nutrition goals

Check out prices, or get in touch to book a session.



image by ralph and jenny