About me

photo of Dina Slavensky

My name is Dina Slavensky. I grew up in Chicago, Illinois, at a time when convenience food was becoming dominant in the American diet.

This took its toll on me. By my teenage years I was overweight, under-active, and had little knowledge of how to eat properly.

My bad habits continued through university, but as I learned more about food and the human body, I realised that I was holding myself back from enjoying all the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle – not to mention that I was suffering from all the negative effects of a lifetime of self-neglect.

As my own journey towards wellness continued, I noticed that I loved sharing the information I’d discovered with people who were experiencing similar struggles.

Inspired by fitness instructors and other health professionals who had taken the time to help me live a better life, I decided to gain my first certifications in fitness instruction. In 2006 I moved to Berlin, Germany and taught fitness courses in people’s homes, to individuals and small groups. Five years later, I moved to the UK and began the process of becoming the professional personal trainer I am today.

What drives me is to motivate others to achieve a healthier, more active lifestyle that helps them to feel more energetic and vibrant, through fitness and mindful eating. I want to help my clients establish habits that will make them feel their best at any age, and that will help them maintain good health and mobility throughout their lives.

Oh, and I also love cats.

Want to know more? Take a look at my qualifications, or get in touch to ask a question.