Client testimonials

Here’s what some of my clients have said about training with me:

I hired Dina because I knew that I wanted to start going to the gym regularly, but I was at a complete loss as to how to go about it. I found anything besides the cross trainer or rowing machine intimidating.

Dina surpassed all of my expectations as a personal trainer. She was consistently available, highly knowledgeable and extremely kind. For the first time, I would look forward to going to the gym to learn new exercises and to improve myself.

Now that I have finished my sessions, I not only feel stronger and fitter from our sessions, but I also have the tools and motivation to keep going. Also, with her knowledge in nutrition, I am much more aware of my personal nutritional goals. Most importantly, thanks to Dina I now have the confidence to go to the gym alone and continue meeting my fitness goals.

Caitlin S.

I have wanted to get fit and lose weight for a very long time. I’ve tried on several occasions to do so on my own, but my projects kept failing for all kind of reasons (bad habits, laziness, lack of motivation, difficult life situations, etc.). This spring I decided to buy myself something I’d enjoy, after inheriting some money from my grandfather, who died two years after I myself had a heart-attack, without having changed my lifestyle since then (btw I’m 42). So instead of buying an item, I thought I could make good use of this gift by investing it on my health, and get myself the support of a personal trainer, something I’ve always dreamt to do one day but never had the money for. And that’s how I found Dina. I immediately had a good feeling with her, not only because she listened to my needs, my fears and my wishes, but also because she has walked the path…and that made her completely credible to my eyes.

It has been a great joy to be coached by her: she’s very attentive, caring, and also pedagogical in the way she explains what are the exercises for, and how to do them with the most efficient outcomes. I can recommend Dina to anyone, especially those who gave up, and think that it’s a ‘mission impossible’ to get fit and in good shape again.

Today I’m more than happy to have been under the guidance of Dina, because the famous switch I was looking for finally occurred: if I don’t go to the gym or don’t do any physical exercises, I miss it. And that’s awesome.

Before it was always an exception, today the exception is to stay at home without doing anything. I’ve lost weight, I don’t know how much but it doesn’t matter. I’ve made the first steps, and for once, I haven’t stopped moving towards my goal.

Iris B

Dina has helped me gain the confidence I needed to get back into a regular programme of exercise and start using the gym on a regular basis, as well as increasing my general fitness, strength and balance. Through the 12 weeks that I worked with Dina we worked on my self-motivation, balance, core strength and overall fitness, gaining the skills to get my body moving and keep it up after I’d finished working with her.

The range of skills I learnt through working with Dina have been amazingly beneficial and I feel I now have a better understanding of how to exercise effectively without doing myself damage. Her real strength is in keeping you motivated, whilst also finding routines and training that suit you and your needs. After each session I left feeling stronger, more
positive and better about my ability to exercise, which has allowed me to continue motivating myself and feeling the benefits of her regimes when exercising alone.

Since Dina’s training I now have the confidence to train myself 3 or 4 times a week, at my local gym, and continue to feel the benefit of my work with her long after the sessions have ended. Dina is also great about continued advice and support and is amazingly helpful with suggestions and tips, even my partner now turns to Dina for advice about how to get the most out of his exercise regime!

I am really grateful to Dina for making me feel positive and knowledgeable about exercise for the first time in my life, improving my confidence and helping me to continue building on the skills I learnt with her on my own whilst working out.

Lauren B

When I first contacted Dina I was very unfit, living a pretty hectic life, was just 4 months away from my 50th birthday and nearly 2 dress sizes bigger than I’d been on my 40th birthday! I wanted to get fit and in the process go down a dress size in time for my 50th birthday party.
Dina turned out to be the perfect find for me. She really listens to you and tailors a programme exactly to your needs and she manages to strike the right balance between pushing you hard enough to make progress, without it being so hard that it becomes a chore e.g. I dislike running on a treadmill and rather than keep trying to persuade me otherwise, Dina set me a challenge on the cross trainer instead.

After a couple of training sessions Dina realised that one of my shoulders was significantly stiffer than the other, something I’d been completely unaware of. She set about researching a selection of suitable exercises and built them into my programme. I found that my fitness started to improve quickly and that I had more energy, plus was able to sleep better at night. The weight loss was quite slow over the first couple of months, but then picked up and by my birthday I had lost nearly 5kg and was able to fit into a dress that hadn’t fitted me for years. I was especially pleased to have toned upper arms!

I’m very grateful for the help Dina gave me and highly recommend her to anyone who is looking to improve their fitness and general well being.

Margaret B

Dina has helped me a long way towards my short term and long term goals of regaining a level of mobility and pain reduction due to dehydrated discs, and optimising my fitness levels, respectively. We’ve made good on the first one. In fact, working with Dina has resulted in complete pain relief and actually being able to move my body the right way, instead of compensating awkwardly with other/wrong muscles. I also feel my fitness levels increasing week to week.

She caters her programmes of cardio and strength training for every session we have, to work on the trouble spots in a way that protects me from injury, while building up that area, but also giving the undamaged bits of me a really good workout! She’s also created the programme so that I can replicate it myself to keep self-motivated and encourage a positive behavioural change. I also feel the benefit of being taught the correct ways to move or perform exercises and why certain movements are physiologically better than others, so when I work out alone, I know I can feel the right muscles in action and I am having an optimised workout.

Dina is personally engaging and keeps me motivated in a way that works well for me, making the sessions feel quick and energising.

Alex M

At the first consultation, Dina and I discussed my exercise history and established my goals during our time together. She also asked me to keep a food diary for a few days and gave me insightful feedback on it. Coming to Dina with a weak knee (torn meniscus) and dodgy shoulder (after-effects of frozen shoulder) I was hesitant as to how far we would be able to progress – how wrong I was! Dina designed a programme of exercises specific to my needs and at each session she put me through my paces, increasing the intensity and number of repetitions. With her encouragement and motivation I kept surprising myself how much I could achieve! Thanks to Dina I discovered a love of the rower, which I had always avoided up till then. The sessions at Bodyline were fun and enjoyable and time just flew by. With each session I could see the progress I was making.

Dina also gave me regular advice on nutrition and my diet and spent time in my kitchen explaining the nutritional content of food stuffs and how to eat more healthily – what an eye opener! She also went the extra mile by keeping in touch with me in between our sessions with added suggestions for recipes and nutrition website addresses. She introduced me to the benefits of using the foam roller for stretching exercises, “my best friend”, as she called it and I’m getting used to it now!

I have benefited in many different ways from our sessions – my strength has improved all round, but especially in my knee and shoulder. My general fitness is better thanks to the cardio workouts and my weight has gone down due to my improved awareness of my nutrition. I appreciate and value her advice and support and warmly recommend her as personal trainer.

Joanna L

When me and my girlfriend first signed up for joint PT sessions with Dina we weren’t strangers to the gym but we were not achieving the results we were hoping for. We were looking for direction, motivation, new exercises to take us to the next level and give us a real challenge, and we definitely got what we were looking for.

By teaching us all about correct form Dina has helped us realise why we ended up with some aches and pains in the wrong places after some workouts, and maybe weren’t getting quite the results we were looking for despite feeling like we were working hard. Group classes are great, but these one to one sessions with Dina have taught us so much more and some new exercises are introduced in each session which keeps things fresh, fun and unpredictable.

Despite training as a pair with two different levels of ability and two different sets of needs, Dina is able to keep a close tab on our individual progress to monitor our improvement and push us that little bit harder each time even when we don’t think we can do it, she finds the right level for each of us.

Dina doesn’t only concentrate on the hour we spend with her, she also gives us a wealth of knowledge to take with us to train alone either at the gym with equipment or at home with no equipment. She gives us personal goals to concentrate on between sessions. We have made great progress and really feel and see the difference these sessions have made to both our stamina and strength.

Anthony W

Dina is fantastic. She has taken the time to get to know me, my needs and my motivations and as a result she has suggested exercise routines that are engaging and challenge me, but not more than I can handle. She has empowered me in a way no previous personal trainer I have worked with has achieved, and most importantly, as a result of working with Dina I am enjoying my workout sessions!